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MSU Bikes Repairs

MSU Bikes is the one-stop location for all of your bike repair needs. We offer a full menu of repair and maintenance services including flat tire repairs, wheel straightening and replacement, brake and shifting adjustments, and tune-ups. Repairs are not available for purchase online; please bring your bike into the Bessey Hall shop for a free estimate. You can, however, review the details of certain repairs below.

Bicycle Tune-Up

$100 + $50 additional parts estimate
Yearly maintenance will keep your bike running smoothly. The tune-up is perfect for bikes that have been neglected. Includes basic wheel truing, frame cleaning, chain lubrication, tire inflation, and adjustments of:

  • hubs
  • headset
  • bottom bracket (if applicable)
  • brakes
  • shifting

Pump and Polish

The 'Pump and Polish' service is perfect for bikes that have been well-maintained and only require a quick check over and minor adjustments. Our staff will be happy to tell you if your bike is a candidate for this service.

DIY Repair Stations

Want to fix it yourself but don't have the tools? Our do-it-yourself bike repair stations are free, available 24 hours a day, and are equipped with a stand, basic tools, and a tire pump. There are multiple stations on campus, including one right outside our shop. See the bike facilities map for locations.


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