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Featured Markdown Auction Book: To Beg I am Ashamed

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To make the MSU Surplus Store Book Sale this coming Saturday, July 22, even more interesting for our book-loving customers, we will be auctioning off between 10-15 high-value books. For an explanation of the Markdown Auction, please see our earlier blog post.  

To Beg I am Ashamed

One of the books available for auction is this controversial title. To Beg I am Ashamed is subtitled, The Authentic Autobiography of a London Prostitute. After years of speculation, it is now believed that Ronald Matthews wrote the book under the pseudonym Sheila Cousins.  However, a rumor that persisted until recently was that Matthew's drinking buddy, Graham Greene co-wrote much of it.  The Greene authorship is currently disregarded.  

In any event, the original English publisher was pressured to cease publication due to the sexual nature and most copies were seized and destroyed, making the Routledge copy relatively rare. Obelisk Press Paris and Vanguard Press in the

U.S. printed later editions. The dust jacket available with this Routledge copy, is that of the Vanguard publication, making this a bit of a hybrid.  Our price evaluations do not factor in the dust jacket.  

Bidding for this title starts at $200 and the price will drop by $30 every hour, until a bid is entered for the corresponding amount.  For a chance to own this rare copy, please join us in the fun this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

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