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Now Hiring: Calling All Book Lovers -- Position Filled but Watch for New Job Openings in the Book Department

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Update: The book assistant position has been filled. However, see other job openings in the SSRC Book Department

Attention book lovers, turn your passion into a part-time job! The MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center (SSRC) has

a unique job opening for a book department assistant to oversee the processing, marketing and sales of books and media. If you’ve ever wanted to run a book store, here’s your opportunity.The SSRC receives more than 250,000 lb. of books and printed material each year and our mission is to find the best use for them. One avenue is to make books available to the public on our sales floor.The book assistant will plan and manage the sales of books in our physical store. An individual with an extensive knowledge of popular, classic and culturally-relevant titles and authors is necessary. This would be a great job for someone currently working at a book store or library who is looking for a rewarding challenge to fill their downtime. This position is open to all and it is not necessary to be a student to apply.

To apply please send a resume to surpluss@msu.edu with Books in subject. 

The position is 19 hours per week.

Pay commensurate to experience.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Identifying the best venue for resale of collected media.
  • Assessing the value and marketability of a wide range of books and printed materials.
  • Curating collections of books for promotion and resale.
  • Develop and manage marketing strategies for the sale of books using social media and printed materials.
  • Organizing special book sale events.
  • Creating cross-promotions with non-book items available for sale.
  • Displaying books and media on the sales floor, either individually or in collections.
  • Collaborating with student employees to efficiently and accurately sort incoming material.

Necessary Qualifications

  • Must be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about books.
  • Able to work independently
  • Infrequent lifting of 50 lb.

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