Now Hiring! Recycling Outreach Team Student Assistant

Now Hiring! Recycling Outreach Team Student Assistant

The mission of the MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center (SSRC) is to manage MSU's waste as a resource through an integrated system of reuse, recycling, collaboration, and education. To help us achieve these ambitions, the SSRC is looking for a creative student who is passionate about waste diversion to work on our Recycling Outreach Team (ROT).

This position will work closely with the Recycling Education Coordinator to educate students, faculty and staff about best practices for reducing, reusing and recycling on campus. The position will create written and visual content for campus communication. The ideal applicant will possess the interpersonal skills to interact with the campus community during tabling events, educational waste sorts and presentations, facility tours, and other outward facing activities.

By helping to publicize the services and programs offered by the Recycling Center, this impactful position promotes  zero waste principles and landfill diversion to MSU students, faculty, staff, and the public.


The total hours per week for this position is 12-29, primarily between 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with occasional evening and infrequent weekend events. 


Primary Responsibilities


  • Develop a full understanding of services offered by the SSRC and be able to communicate these effectively through written and verbal communication.
  • Create informative yet concise content for electronic and print publication, as well as displays (posters, kiosk, wall installation).
  • Demonstrated ability to shoot, edit and complete short tutorial-type videos for use on website and social media.
  • Research select issues related to recycling education and waste diversion and relate them to SSRC’s mission and programming.
  • Assist with planning and hosting public events, including campus tabling, facility tours, waste sorts, student or staff presentations, Waste Warrior Workshops, brown bag talks, movie screenings, etc.
  • Develop curriculum for Waste Warrior Workshops
  • Conduct building waste audits on campus.
  • Assisting with facility tours, presentations, workshops, and events.
  • Represent the MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center at campus, community and industry events. 

Desired Qualifications


  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and efficiently through verbal, written, and multi-media  communication  (blogs, info sheets, webpages, signage, displays, etc.)
  • Willingness to get “up close and personal” with trash, recycling and food waste.
  • Ability to self-direct upon receiving adequate direction from supervisor
  • Comfortable speaking in front of groups of students, faculty/staff or community members.
  • Generally organized; exhibits excellent follow-through; interest in developing professionally
  • Desire to personally practice and  educate public on the importance of and strategies to reduce, reuse and recycle.,
  • Interest in zero waste principles.
  • Empathetic problem solver and team player; likes to use creativity
  • Able to work spring, summer, and fall 2020 semesters.

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter at

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