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Whisper Room Sound Booth

Whisper Room Sound Booth

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Product Description

Auction includes a 6084 E (5' x 7') WhisperRoom Sound Booth and six optional features with standard, single wall isolation. Unit was removed from a working environment and appears to be in excellent physical condition, with wear associated with normal use.

Estimated noise reduction capabilities range from a 30 decible reduction at 125 hertz to a 68 decible reduction at 4000 hertz. Interior dimensions are 6' 8" high by 4'5.5" wide by 6'5.5" deep. Exterior dimensions are not included because these may vary upon the ventilation system installation and castors.

Unit is currently dissassembled for transport, but includes the wide access door (WA), caster plate (CP) which adds five inches to the room's height, an additional 10 inch height extention (HX), exterior fan silencers (EFS), venitlation silencing system (VSS), and wall window (WDO 2636 E). This WhisperRoom also comes with the Isolation Enhancement Package compononents (IEP).

Note: Photographs are not of this specific unit but they are of the same model. Photos sourced from WhisperRoom website: https://www.whisperroom.com/product/mdl-6084-e#!

  • Manufacturer: WhisperRoom Inc
  • Model: 6084E
  • Included Add-Ons:: WA / CP / EFS / HX / VSS / WDO 2636 E
  • Interior Dimensions: 6'8" H x 4' 5.5" W x 6' 5.5" D
  • Weight: 2, 634.81 lbs.
  • Total Thickness (Walls): 5-1/4"
  • Layered Materials (Walls): MDF / Foam / Air
  • Total Thickness (Door/Window): 3-1/8"
  • Material Layers (Door/Window): Laminated Safety Glass / Air


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