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Set of 16 Dime Novel Facsimile Reprint Issues (1940s-1960s)

Set of 16 Dime Novel Facsimile Reprint Issues (1940s-1960s)

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Publisher: The Dime Novel Club (mostly), and Ohas. Bragin
Copyright: 1940s-1960s
Condition: Good Minus

Pages are toning due to age. Some minor stains and tears here and there.

One issue has part of the bottom of its front cover torn off, the top corner is creased, and the bottom part of the second page is creased. (Saturday Library, No. 152 - The Colconda Gold Mine)

There are 17 dime novel facsimiles in this set, plus two duplicates. The original dime novels were published around 1880-1910, while these reprints were published in the 1940s-1960s. The majority of these were reprinted by the Dime Novel Club of Brooklyn, NY. The titles present in this collection are as follows. The original date of publication is given in parentheses, and the reprint date will follow if it is noted:

Saturday Library, No. 152 - The Colconda Gold Mine; or, A Scheme for Millions, by Weldon J. Cobb (Orig. Nov. 17, 1888; Reprint Date Unknown)

The Boys' Star Library, No. 341 - Jack Wright and His Electric Air Rocket; or, The Boy Exile of Siberia, by "Noname" (Orig. Aug. 3, 1894; Reprint July 1, 1946)

Young Klondike: Stories of a Gold Seeker, No. 1 - Young Klondike, or Off for the Land of Gold, by an Old Miner (Orig. Mar. 16, 1898; Reprint Date Unknown)

Snapes: A Comic Weekly of Comic Stories by Comic Authors, No. 39 - Muldoon's Boarding House, by Tom Teaser (Orig. July 4, 1900; Reprint 1945)

Secret Service: Old and Young King Brady, Detectives, No. 565 - The Bradys after the Tong Kings; or, The Red Lady of Chinatown, by A New-York Detective (Orig. Nov. 19, 1909; Reprint Date Unknown)

The New York Detective Library, No. 438 - The James Boys in No Man's Land: or, The Bandit King's Last Ride, by D. W. Stevens (Orig. Apr. 18, 1891; Reprint 1945)

The New York Detective Library, No. 371 - The Haunted Churchyard, or, Old King Brady, The Detective, and the Mystery of the Iron Vault, by A New York Detective (Orig. Jan. 4, 1890; Reprint June 1, 1945)

(TWO COPIES) Detective Library, No. 750 - The James Boys and the 49ers; or, The Search for the Lost Car of Gold, by D. W. Stevens (Orig. Apr. 9, 1897; Reprint Nov. 1963)

(TWO COPIES) The New York Detective Library, No. 417 - Sentenced for Life; or, Old King Brady and the Great Pearl Street Poisoning Case, by A New York Detective (Orig. Nov. 22, 1890; Reprint Date Unknown)

The Boys of New York Pocket Library, No. 87 - The Lives of the Ford Boys, by D. W. Stevens (Orig. July 22, 1882; Reprint Date Unknown)

The Champion Library, Vol. 1 No. 11 - Boston Bill: or, The Mad Mountaineer, by Col. Dimon Dana (Orig. Dec. 10, 1881; Reprint Date Unknown)

Young Sleuth Library, Vol. 3 No. 77 - Young Sleuth in Demijohn City; or, Waltzing William's Dancing School, by the Author of "Young Sleuth" (Orig. Mar. 17, 1894; Reprint June, 1946)

Old Cap. Collier Library, No. 379 - The Lawyer Detective; or, The Mystery at Three Oaks Ranch, by Will Winch (Orig. Aug. 4, 1890; Reprint Date Unknown)

The War Library, Vol. 6 No. 269 - The Mysterious Major; or, Was He Blue or Gray, by Corporal Morris Hoyne (Orig. Nov. 5, 1887; Reprint Mar. 1946)

Brave and Bold, No. 45 - Adrift in New York; or, Dodger and Florence Braving the World, by Horatio Alger, Jr. (Orig. Oct. 31, 1903; Reprint Nov. 1945)

The Campfire Library, Vol. 3 No. 59 - Camps in the Rockies; or, Adventures Among the Trappers, by Captain Marcy Hunter (Orig. Oct. 27, 1888; Reprint May 1946)

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