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Golden Cockerel Press Catalogs (1955-1957)

Golden Cockerel Press Catalogs (1955-1957)

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Publisher: Golden Cockerel Press
Copyright: 1955-1957
Pages: 24, 48, 24
Condition: Very Good

There are three catalogs from Golden Cockerel Press in this set: Spring 1955, 1955-1956, and 1956-1957. The Spring 1955 and 1956-1957 catalogs are bound by string, and the 1955-1956 is staple-bound. The Spring 1955 catalog has slight soft creasing at the top and bottom spine extremes, and its pages are slightly more toned than those of the other catalogs. Otherwise, they are all very clean and in very good condition.

Golden Cockerel Press was a British fine press specialising in hand-made books. These catalogs describe books printed by their company, with black and white pictures as well. The 1955-1956 and 1956-1957 catalogs have order forms tucked in the back.

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