Michigan State University has a remarkable history of advancing the common good with uncommon will. But a rich past is worth nothing without an investment in the future. Donations to Michigan State are a critical resource that empower students, scholars, faculty and researchers to make seemingly impossible ideas possible and turn dreams into realities. Individual MSU donations become collective power—the power to lead a new generation of pioneers beyond today’s challenges and charge boldly toward the discoveries of tomorrow.

Please Consider Giving to the Following:


Department of Forestry

Gifts to the Department of Forestry, in any amount, have a huge impact on our research and academic programs, and most importantly, the lives of MSU Forestry students through endowed scholarships and fellowships. Show your support for the Department of Forestry by making a tax-deductible gift today.

Support the Department of Forestry


Campus Beautification

The beauty of this campus is no accident. It takes vision, planning and hard work. Professors William J. Beal and Ernest Bouge had the foresight to plant large stands of trees for teaching purposes, which we still enjoy today. We can now parallel all their efforts via Campus Beautification - Planting Tomorrow's Heritage Today, a program seeking to implement the south campus landscaping improvements recommended by the 2020 Vision master plan.

Support Campus Beautification




Surplus Store & Recycling Center

Gifts help support the public recycling center, facility needs and special community projects (like SWRI). They may also be used to further develop educational sustainability programs that emphasize how economic, environmental and social well-being are linked and how to apply this knowledge to better our lives and communities for current and future generations.

Support the Surplus Store & Recycling Center