The MSU Surplus Store’s bicycle inventory consists of multiple manufacturers’ makes and models.These models range from entry level big-box store brands to higher-end bicycle shop brands. A majority of our stock includes big-box store bicycles that should be used for parts or be repaired by the end user. In many cases, these entry level big-box store brands would cost more to repair at a shop than the original value of the bike.

Some key components to assess before purchasing a bike are as follows:

  • Are the front and rear hubs in good condition?
  • Are the wheels true?
  • Do both the front and back brakes operate as intended?
  • Are the bottom bracket and crank in good condition?
  • Do the front and rear gears operate as intended?
  • Does the frame have any cracks or damage?

If any of the above mentioned key components are damaged and need to be repaired or replaced at a bicycle shop, here are some price estimates that you can expect to pay.

Please note that all prices are estimations and are subject to the bicycle shop you select.

  • Front and rear wheels: Parts ($30-$50 Each) + Labor ($10-15 Each)
  • Front and rear brakes adjustments: Parts (up to $15 Each) + Labor ($15 Each)
  • Bottom bracket replacement: Parts ($15-$30) + Labor ($20)
  • Front and rear shifting gears: Parts ($10-15 Each) + Labor ($15 Each)

Most bicycle shops offer basic tune ups to complete overhauls. Prices range from $70-$135, including labor only. Parts will be an additional cost.

If you are unsure of the condition of the bicycle you are interested in, please ask an MSU Surplus Store employee's opinion before purchasing. We will be as transparent as our knowledge allows.

When in doubt, assume the bicycle is for parts only.

Finally, the MSU Bikes Service Center does offer to the MSU Community a full menu of bike repair services, rents bikes for short or long term use and also sells both new and used bikes when available. Check their website, visit or call them for more information.